Regenerative business, regenerative brand

If it is no longer possible to build a brand strategy without integrating elements of sustainability to survive in a global environment that demands it, then at the very least it enables us to maintain the status quo and the ability to survive.

A company/brand that performs well and endures beyond this status quo integrates into its growth strategy the creation of value for all stakeholders and for all time.

It’s a global awareness in which the company rises above what it produces and sells in a common effort to offer more value, improving a global system through innovative solutions.

A regenerative brand uses its expertise to solve problems that go beyond the company and its ecosystem, to play a pro-active, leading role in the innovations needed for the future we want.

This new awareness is at the heart of successful businesses, giving meaning to the corporate brand mission, which becomes an enlightening framework for its economic performance. Innovation is thus at the heart of production, management and sales tactics.

The regenerative performance of brands is just one step ahead of regulations that cascade down from large companies to SMEs and small businesses, which have to meet the demands imposed by their customers. So even a trustee or a cleaning company will have to align itself with the sustainable performance requirements of their principals.

“…improve a global system through innovative solutions.”

Basic principles of the brand / regenerative enterprise

The regenerative approach transcends sustainable development by proposing management, marketing and “business” processes that enable ecosystems to be rebuilt, and solutions to be found by promoting co-creation, co-evolution of resources and business alliances.

Thus, the performance of 21st-century companies is based on their capacity for regeneration, or their ability to solve complexity through collective intelligence of regenerative solutions.

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“…find solutions by promoting co-creation, co-evolution of resources, and business alliances.”

Competitive advantages & Innovation

Sustainable commitment is a definite competitive advantage and generates savings in the medium & long term.

The regenerative brand by definition integrates sustainability, but also the capacity for innovation and co-creation to find regenerative solutions at every stage of the product/service life cycle. Innovation is at the heart of regenerative brands, and one of the main reasons for their success.

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“Innovation is at the heart of regenerative brands…”


A company’s brand discourse or storytelling based on a CSR or ESG commitment increases market acceptance and facilitates stable relations with all stakeholders.

A regenerative brand prioritizes transparency regarding its practices, sourcing, and impact and engages in measurable and measured actions, as well as certifications to demonstrate progress.

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“Regenerative branding prioritizes transparency…”

Financial report & non-financial report

Regenerative brands publish, in addition to the traditional financial report, the non-financial report, which details proactive activities to improve their environmental impact and general well-being. The non-financial report has already become a market necessity, an essential asset in terms of corporate/brand image.

Qualified recruitment

Sustainable businesses attract new generations. Regenerative brands attract talent that wants to change the world.

“Regenerative brands attract talent that wants to and will change the world.”

How can I regenerate my brand, my company, my business?

Regenerating a company/brand is a holistic approach that encompasses all company activities and relies on the brand as a transition driver.

In fact, the brand is the company’s only cross-functional element, enabling the regenerative transition to be expressed in the brand discourse that mirrors production, sales strategy and corporate governance. It’s a hybrid, agile process that includes the possible certifications, innovations, associations and alliances needed to establish a high-performance, innovative and regenerative brand strategy.

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Regenerating in my profession

There are already numerous professional associations, industry alliances, working on common solutions or co-creating regenerative products, technologies, and business models.

  • Nespresso collaborates with the Rainforest Alliance for coffee cultivation that is regenerative.
  • SSE, the Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs, works on processes, materials, and demolition recycling systems. In Switzerland, 85% of demolition concrete is reused.
  • EPFL Innovation Park has launched a new program, “Tech4regeneration,” which supports and accompanies startups developing technologies, innovations, and regenerative solutions.

What’s important

  1. It’s not complicated, you just have to get started.
  2. Many solutions already exist around the world
  3. Today’s complexity can be solved by collective intelligence
  4. Regenerative business means performance, intelligence and shared pleasure

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