Sustainable transition

Sustainability opens the way to new models of efficiency and unrivalled innovation at all levels of the company

Sustainability transition represents significant added value for your brand and your visibility.

Our approach

Our approach is pragmatic and entrepreneurial, integrating the sustainable transformation of your company by responding to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and developing solutions that are measured and measurable over the long term (ODDs).

At the end of the process, we deliver the marketing and communication elements to ensure that your investment is rapidly and visibly translated into added value.

As branding experts, we have experience of developing brand labels and certifications, as well as building Alliances/foundations by industry.

We combine :

  • certified expertise (SHB’s founders are certified in Sustainable Business Management from Cambridge University)
  • expertise in corporate governance (certified training)
  • market development, and benefit from an extensive network in Switzerland covering all technical
  • scientific aspects of sustainability
Sustainable corporate transition - ESG/RSE strategy and advice

Awareness-raising, diagnostics, transition processes based on the ESG/RSE model, transformation of your value chain (service/product/management), construction of a sustainability charter or development of responsible tools.

At the end of your sustainability strategy, we add value to your commitment by revisiting your brand’s storytelling.


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Support for B Corp and other certifications

Obtaining B Corp certification or other more local certifications is a long journey through the sustainability of your own company.

Find out more about BLab Switzerland


We can help you prepare your company, optimize your structure and even recommend a certification before you start the process.


We can also help you to develop your own certification for a territorial brand or an industry/trade.


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Non-financial reporting & KVI

Coming soon


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Creation of alliances and development of labels for an industry/trade

To achieve sustainability across the entire value chain, companies need to act energetically, but above all collectively, to transform their ecosystems.


In addition, alliances are becoming necessary in terms of resources to be able to respond to the various shortages that will increase.


We can help you set up a label and organise alliances by industry and/or profession.


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Drawing up a Sustainability Charter

This will define your sustainable commitment in 3 dimensions: environmental, economic and social. It’s the 1st step towards sustainable commitment.


This approach requires preparation with management, which will then provide the impetus for collective work with employees. Following this work, the corporate brand discourse is then revisited to integrate sustainability into your communication. A specific document and layout is also provided.


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Sustainable Communication & Eco-Branding

Inspire your target audience with an inspiring communication strategy that enhances your commitment to sustainability and gives your brand impact.

Training and production of eco-branding, codes and standards to be respected.

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