Digital Business Engineering

  • Customer experience reshaping
  • Digital commerce (e-Commerce, m-Commerce)
  • Digital Products & Solutions Development
  • Data Enablement for Sales, Marketing & Operations
  • Agile, Data & Customer Centric Transformation orchestration, in multi-cultural environment
  • People and business leadership

Customer experience design and management
  • Omnichannel CX strategy set-up and deployment
  • Interaction & Journey design with digital, cross channel & cross media focus
  • Design thinking & customer research tools and methodologies
  • Operation managements & data & analytics-based performance measurement
Digital commerce (e-Commerce, m-Commerce)
  • Digital marketing & Paid / Owned / Earned Traffic orchestration

  • Online store management

  • Digital native offers design and DNVB launch

  • Digital Customer Relationship Management & automation

  • Digital assets (Shop & Care, mobile applications) management as agile products and large IT projects management

  • Analytics and performance

Product development and digital solutions
  • Product vision & strategy set up

  • Customer feedback, analytics & data enriched Product design, launch & run, in multidisciplinary teams, with Scrum / Kanban methodologies

  • Portfolio management, business model, ROI calculation

  • Data Enablement for Sales, Marketing & Operations

  • Data strategy design

  • Big data use cases identification & upscaling

  • Data strategy execution and integration

Data activation: sales/marketing/operations
  • Data strategy design

  • Identifying and upscaling big data use cases

  • Data strategy execution and integration

People and business leadership
  • Leadership of large multidisciplinary teams and complex programs, with a hands-on culture and servant leadership

  • 7-digit OPEX & CAPEX budget management

Orchestrating data- and customer-centric transformation
  • Setting an example and learning from pioneering teams

  • Change management at team/team level

  • Initiating and integrating large-scale change, from CxO to employees

  • Activate advanced data and analysis

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