Swiss House of Brands was born from the merger of a brand & business strategy consultancy and a communications agency.

Chantal Baer & Marine Gruaz-Rébuffat have worked together for several years on projects integrating the strategic part of brand and business development with the deployment of visual & digital identity.

In 2020, they joined forces to create Swiss House of Brands, bringing together expertise and generations to build their customer’s global performance.

Our dream was to offer a global support to companies integrating strategic consulting and marketing / digital implementation for measurable high performance at a fair price.

The brand at the heart of strategy

Following the example of the world’s leading companies, we use the brand as the corner stone of strategy and organization to rethink the whole essence of a business in terms of meaning, marketing openness and innovative development.


A proven process

We work collectively with you following a comprehensive and effective process that enables brand positioning, integration of new growth levers, the full potential of digital vectors and sustainability, as well as intellectual property where necessary.


Resources & a powerful network of partners

We don’t sell what we’ve got in the drawer. Our role is to define your objectives, illuminate the path to get there – a business development strategy – and implement it according to a road plan , at the right price.


A new generation

We see Swiss House of Brands as the embodiment of a new generation of corporate services, whose integrated expertise provides a holistic view to facilitate investment decisions in business development.


Pillars of the brand

Our expertise is based on a team that masters the main pillars of change: Brand, Data, digital vectors and sustainability opportunities, as well as intellectual property.

What you can expect from us:

  • Questioning
  • Reducing complexity
  • Global vision
  • Challenge & sparring partnership
  • Expanding your market
  • Understanding how digital vectors work
  • Understanding the opportunities of sustainability and the circular economy
  • Concrete results

The team


Chantal Baer

Co-founder of Swiss House of Brands

Marine Gruaz-Rébuffat

Co-founder of Swiss House of Brands

Erwan Gaultier

Digital Business Engineering

Chantal Koller

Propriété intellectuelle

Eric Maire

Gouvernance & Compliance

Andrei Constantinescu

Art & Design

David Belliger

David Belliger

Digital development

Saskia Baer

Consultante en Communication Digitale

Ariana Sellefyan

RP Marketing

BCorp-certified company

Our commitment to sustainability

Swiss House of Brands is committed to sustainability because we believe that only this model of living and working will enable humanity to continue to prosper in an equitable way for humankind and all other living species in a respected and preserved universe.

We have implemented sustainability measures at all three levels of the company – environmental, social and governance. We continue to develop measures and check our efforts to meet the requirements of a sustainable business.


Our commitment is enshrined in our company’s articles of association, and all our mandates are subject to an awareness of the need for sustainable commitment. The company’s founders have taken a course in “sustainable business management” at Cambridge University, and work with companies to help them make the transition to sustainability. We are in the process of obtaining B-Corp certification.


Energy Management
  • We have chosen to locate our offices in a railway station to make it easier for our staff and customers to get around using public transport.
  • We have chosen an office with windows that can be opened, so we can dispense with an air-conditioning system.
  • We have sockets that allow us to turn off the electricity centrally when we’re not in the office.
  • We encourage online work sessions for both our team and our customers and have invested in professional tools.
Waste management
  • We have no garbage cans, so all waste has to be taken away with you, with the exception of paper, which we collect in a special bin.
  • We only print contractual or institutional documents requiring original signatures – our use of paper is reduced to a minimum
  • We buy recycled paper
  • Coffee capsules and fart water bottles are collected and taken to the waste collection center.
  • Our electrical appliances (coffee machines) are AAA-rated



Commitment to the community & local economy
  • Flexible working hours for all members (each expert is in control of his or her own schedule, vacations and working hours)
  • Workplace flexibility: no fixed workplace is imposed on our experts outside customer appointments.
  • We’re neuroatypicals friendly
  • Meals, weekends and outings to foster team spirit
  • The company offers, encourages and supports further training (may contribute financially).
Commitment to our members (committee, experts, partners)
  • Each year, we commit to a non-profit, humanitarian or sustainable project.

  • for which we offer our pro bono expertise

  • We have supported projects for the Para-Olympic, the Olfacanis Foundation, the Arthanis Foundation and the Bottleback project.

  • We favor local subcontracting at all service levels (strategy, sustainability, branding & digital).

Community involvement
  • We are involved in a number of associations and projects linked to corporate sustainability (Swiss Business Federation, Vaud+, etc.)


  • Our governance team includes an expert in corporate governance whose role is to monitor and update all regulatory compliance and sustainability standards
  • Our governance is diversified in terms of gender and generation (3 men and 2 women), with birth years ranging from 1963 to 1999.
Sustainability & partners
  • The company’s commitment to sustainability is enshrined in its articles of association.
  • We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our subcontractors comply with our code of conduct and certain environmental measures.
  • We favor partners committed to sustainability
  • All our activities are transparent and accessible at all times to our team and company members (with the exception of confidential customer documents).

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Swiss House of Brands

Place de la Gare 11 – 1296 Coppet – Suisse

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