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Swiss House of Brands is a new generation strategic consultancy

Transformational growth – Brand Strategy – Design




We believe that excellence is generated by the transversal of intelligence and awareness of one’s environment.

  • We provide global support of quality at the right price in the field of the 4 pillars of the brand
  • We believe that creativity thrives on the base  of a real business strategy
  • We believe that excellency requests transversal expertise both at a strategic and operational level
  • We believe that innovation is generated by the diversity of personalities and intelligences – our team is made up of people from different  expertise, languages, generation and type of intelligence (neurotypical & neurodivergent)
  • We believe in the emergence of a new corporate culture that is more aware and respectful of the environment
  • We believe in the Network Company model, which allows us to offer the best and most innovative expertise within a team vision aligned around  a quality charter
  • We put our know-how at the service of various causes. Every year we support new projects free of charge in Switzerland


Swiss House of Brands is a networking company

Swiss House of Brands est une constellation d'experts reconnus alignés sous une même charte.

Conseil d'administration

Chantal Baer

Co-Founder of Swiss House of Brands

Managing Brand & Business Strategy

Marine Rébuffat

Co-Founder of Swiss House of Brands

Managing Implementation & Design

éric maire

In charge of Financial Brand

léo cornut

In charge of Digital Projects

Justin cornut

In charge of Digital Technologies

Ludovic elio

Design & webdesign


Design & Webdesign

dr Bettina palazzo

Business ethics


Public Affairs


Transgenerationnal of the brand


Contract Management


Biz Viz Cluster

Find Swiss House of Brands on Europe’s largest platform for services to business leaders under the brand cluster.

Management, accounting, taxation, communication, marketing, human resources, you will find all necessary expertise  for your business.

Global Data Excellence

Swiss House of Brands partners with the only artificial intelligence software that speaks natural language –  European Commission Excellence Award Horizon H2020 for Research and Innovation. This software is as simple to use as it is efficient for your business, your management and the quality of your Data – a tool to make your company a « Data driven company ».



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Chantal Baer

Co-Founder at Swiss House of Brands

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Marine Rébuffat

Co-Founder at Swiss House of Brands

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