Association Olfacanis

Project supported by Swiss House of Brands

The aim is to detect cancer at an early stage, non-invasively and inexpensively. Dogs, with no contact with the patient, are the biological means of achieving this.


Helping the association to create a strong brand and media to support its approach and develop its partnerships with hospitals.



  • Creation of a name so that the association can benefit from a clear, recognisable, easy-to-pronounce name with strong markers of the association’s positioning.
  • Complete branding strategy with the construction of a brand discourse, definition of the semantic universe, deployment of keywords for the foundations of digital performance.
  • Creation of a visual identity with a logo in line with the association’s requirements and modern design codes
  • Creation of communication materials for everyday use of their brand: posters, flyers and sampling kits.


Nicolas Rothen, President of Association Olfacanis

SHB spent a year volunteering with us on our OLFACANIS project, an association set up to train dogs in the early detection of cancer. So I was able to meet Marine REBUFFAT initially to take the first steps and present my project. I was immediately listened to attentively and I felt a real interest in helping us evolve. I then worked with Chantal BAER, who took over the whole project in terms of the name, the terms, the brand message and the choice of words. Marine was responsible for all the visual aspects, including the creation of documents and the website. They were both extremely professional, and I came to realise just how important it is to rely on specialists to ‘sell’ a project like this, especially in a hospital environment. Many of the people we spoke to (doctors, teachers, nurses, donors, etc.) highlighted the rigorous and highly professional nature of the documents presented, as well as the website, and this work enabled us to be taken much more seriously and considered in our approach. Finally, Marine and Chantal were always available to answer my questions, well beyond the one-year FREE period they offered OLFACANIS. A big thank you to SHB and its queens!

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