Case study HiQuarter

Brand creation from scratch

The new standard for optimum physical and mental condition

HiQUARTER is a brand that combines medical and sports care around a personal holistic protocol that helps define objectives and achieve concrete results for each individual. While getting, staying or getting back into shape is a legitimate aspiration, the professions that contribute to it don’t work in coordination, and all too often the results are not very convincing. To achieve effective results, physiotherapists, sports coaches, doctors and their patients/customers need to work together in a global, joint approach organized around a care plan with defined objectives.


Create the entire brand from scratch and deploy its digital universe



  • Brand strategy: construction of the brand, its discourse, positioning, storytelling & strategic lines to develop a sustainable brand.
  • Naming: brand name creation process, including creative and legal aspects
  • Corporate design : creation of visual identity (logotype), brand design for each division, production of corporate garabits (presentation, social networks)
  • Website : webdesign & production of the website


Loïc Schmid, Founder & director of HiQuarter

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