Case study AvescoRent

Brand strategy & sustainability

Is a Swiss construction equipment rental company with some 30 branches throughout Switzerland. .


Two missions

1 – Our first mission was to simplify communication to make it less complex, while integrating a new online ordering activity (e-shop).

Repositioning the brand enabled us to reorganize the internal structure of the various business units and to simplify and clarify the company’s digital communications.

2 – This 1st mission, during which we raised management awareness of sustainability, led to a 2nd mission, which was to draw up the company’s sustainable charter.

In this context, we also took part in a sustainable economy project aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of worksites, 50% of which is generated by machine transport. This led to the search for a transport supplier (Firderici Special) willing to invest in the conversion of a 40-ton truck to electric power, and for a company capable of carrying out the conversion (Futuricom). We then had to work on a logistical plan that would enable the 40-tonne truck to make the rounds of AvescoRent branches all over Switzerland in a single day, and then be recharged overnight at a strategic point. The result of the investment by these two entrepreneurs is a world-first launch for this solution. We also coordinated the press session for this solution.



  • Brand repositioning, business unit reorganization and digital communication prioritization
  • Sustainability awareness
  • Sustainability Charter
  • Circular economy project
  • Organization of a press conference


A brand positioned and committed in terms of sustainability, which represents significant added value in this field of activity, as well as accessible, simple and transparent communication despite the complexity of the business.


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