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In a jungle of innovative tools, the key question is :

What would you like to have accomplished in 6 months, 6 years  ?

This is precisely where we will bring you

Brand & business strategy

Brand positionning
  • Brand positioning or repositioning
  • The strategic foundation of the brand’s semantic and marketing universe
  • Building or revisiting your brand and business strategy in the digital age
  • Included in our Brand Model and Plan2win process


Business Model
  • Develop business models corresponding to your market segments
  • The basis for your transformational growth
  • The brand allows the coexistence of different business models within the same company
  • Included in our Brand Model and Plan2Win proces


Digital transformation
  • Introduce into your brand strategy, the levers for digital growth at the economic/marketing level, at the communication level as well as at the technology level
  • All this in a logic of efficiency and adapted to the speed at which your company can assimilate it
  • Included in our Brand Model and Plan2Win methodology


Data assessment
  • Digitalisation requires the valorisation of your data
  • How to appropriate them for you to use them
  • Included in our Brand Model and Plan2win process


Organizational business
  • The must for family businesses or to unblock a disagreement between partners
  • Research the brand’s founding pact and then drive it into the digital age



Implementation & design


  • All the deployment of your word mark and brand speech (story telling)
  • Complete and international methodology including legal, linguistic and semantic controls
  • Corporate Name: new company or name after a merger or acquisition
  • Label brand: or collective brand, guarantee brand (see brand strategy)
  • Brand structure / brand architecture: allows to reinforce the brand identity by organizing the different brands products, ranges, or services of the company


Web & marketing
  • Websites – Webdesign & production
  • Technical & security management
  • Online Shops
  • Global marketing strategy enriched with all technological and digital solutions
Design & branding
  • Logotypes
  • Business cards & office supports
  • Institutionnal communication (brochures, leaflets,…)
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Video


Digital technologies
  • Interactive tools
  • Gaming
  • SEO
  • Chatbots & Webchats
  • Social networks
  • Applications
  • Artificial intelligence


Communication & visibility
  • Communication strategies
  • Advice & support
  • Storytelling & picturetelling
  • Press relations
  • Launch campaigns
  • Project manageme


Going international with your brand

Understand international values
  • Adaptation of your values to international values
  • Audit of your current communication – communication flow
  • Implementation of an international brand strategy
  • Communication   define the elements of what is global and what is local
  • Business development   franchising and brand licensing to expand your market in an agile
One - Stop - Shop
  • Comprehensive support service to build your brand in Switzerland or / and establish your company in Switzerland
  • From the incorporation of the company, the creation of a Swiss brand to logistics
  • All the necessary expertise, lawyers, governance, communication agency and the availability of our agenda
International visibility
  • Communication strategy and international implementation

Financial brand

Financial evaluation
  • Valorisation et évaluation de votre marque et de sa valeur financière
    Cf article – la marque financière
Company staging
  • Revaloriser mon entreprise par la marque pour la préparer à la vente

    Cf article – la marque financière

Rapport annuel complet
  • Le rapport annuel – outil de communication permanent

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WHY are we unique ?

Because each SHB division is managed by the adequate generation

Strategy & business

Génération X


operationnal & management

Génération Y

technologies & digital

Génération Z

Customer Cases

Brand & business strategy



The Brand Model followed by Plan2Win is a unique positioning process to build your brand strategy and business strategy (offline & online).



Without strategic positioning of your brand and business, your marketing investments benefit your competitors above all.



All companies, from the smallest to the largest, all new product launches / ranges,….



Vigiswiss is the first certified network of companies active in the field of data storage and protection in Switzerland. It was created with the mission of preserving universal digital memory.



The strategic choice was to develop a guarantee brand, positioning the association’s Data Centers as a Swiss quality standard in a country where legislation and the environment are particularly favourable to this type of activity.



This strategy has encouraged other companies to meet this quality standard and political institutions have supported this project. The launch of the brand was covered internationally – Switzerland, the world’s data safe.

Vigiswiss certification is now a must for Data Centers in Switzerland.



Syngenta – proposed branding strategy to position the company in a B2C market while preserving its B2B customers



As part of the creation of the B2C department, first co-branding project with Compo in Germany, then Westland in the United Kingdom.

  • Positioning and brand concept (Brand Model)
  • Naming, brand development,
  • Admarka has developed about twenty brands for this leading agro-industrial company.
  • Legal selection procedures for the international registration of trademarks



This strategy has enabled Syngenta to position itself in the B2C market and has been repeated with many partners. The B2C department has become a very profitable department for this company.



Via Roma – A shoe brand established in several cities in Switzerland

Maison Via Roma had called on a communication agency to develop an online store, which did not bring a single customer, a recurring experience in the retail sector.



Repositioning of the activity, strong and differentiated brand concept allowing the development of digital communication and social networks



Renewal and rejuvenation of the clientele.

Internationalization of the online shop, continuous presence on social networks, implementation of creative and recurring online and offline events.

The brand has returned to growth.

Brand implementation



From naming to communication and SEO, we articulate the tools adapted to the brand strategy established upstream.



Without a strategy first, the implementation of tools is a waste of time and money because efficiency will not be optimal.



All companies, from the smallest to the largest, all new product launches / ranges,….


We have developed hundreds of brands, slogans, nominal architectures.

Here are some examples:

“What could be the international brand name that expresses the nano-technology of a Nespresso machine?”


“What could be an emotional brand name for the pharmacy that all Swiss people can understand?”


“What could be an international brand name that expresses both digital generation and design?”


“What could be a slogan that expresses all the will and strength to excel as a Paralympic champion?”

〉My difference is my attitude

MARTECH & marketing strategy



Modernize the marketing and communication of this construction company – digitalization



Beyond the repositioning of the brand and a business strategy, we have implemented a marketing strategy and global communication enriched by a digital technology solution allowing the phasing of online work.

The solution allows the internal organization of work to be digitized internally and for customers to be able to follow the work steps directly online. Knowing that for a construction company, the work is monitored by all the other stakeholders on a site, such as the owner or the entire neighbourhood along the site. It is therefore a tool for organization, information and visibility.



Global marketing strategy enriched with all technological and digital solutions by a multidisciplinary and multigenerational team…

going global with your brand


Because there are agile solutions that do not require huge investments for international deployment.


Any company that wants to promote its brand on an international level.



Inobian Laboratories – a foreign entrepreneur who has been successful in his country wants to create a Swiss brand to internationalize his brand.

The Swiss brand being more credible in its field of activity than in its own country



  • Brand positioning and business strategy, including adaptation to international values/requirements
  • Definition of glocalization – global and local elements of the brand
  • Brand implementation, naming, website, online shop, SEO, social networks
  • Creation of a Swiss company (lawyer), contract management, account opening, governance, etc.
  • Research and constitution of a board including professionals from the pharma branch
  • Logistics support, office, lab, HR – with the help of economic promotion and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Provision of our firm’s agenda.



Today, Inobian laboratories are located in the canton of Vaud and have an international presence.

Financial brand



Company Staging: enhance your brand to better sell your company.



Because your brand can have more value than just your net sales.



For all those who wish to sell their business, increase their capital or are considering a merger.



A very well established Vaud fiduciary whose founder is about to retire and wants to sell his company (difficulty in finding a buyer)

Revalue the brand to give increased value to the company and open up other opportunities for buyouts.



  • Communication audit – communication flow
    Repositioning of the activity / brand and relooking of the site
  • Exploration of unexplored market potential
  • Intellectual Property Valuation – Trademark
  • Registration (which had never been done before)
  • Data Valuation
  • Compliance with regulations



This trustee had a clientele mainly composed of lawyers, magistrates and trades related to the practice of law and was acquired by an international company specializing in digital technologies related to the field of law.

They have acquired a well-established, credible brand, not only a portfolio of customers but the entire local ecosystem, history and know-how linked to this business.

In proportion, this story is that of WhatsApp being bought by Facebook – the bought-in value is not the turnover but all the intangible and cognitive values grouped under the brand.




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