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Brand model & Plan 2 WIN

Working the company around the brand means thinking or rethinking all the essence of a business in terms of universal meaning, brand positioning   business development through new market segments and business models including introduction of digital  growth drivers.

Your full brand & business strategy, ideal for:  

  • Building a visible and memorable brand from scratch
  • Positioning or repositioning of your brand & business to create a differentiated and memorable visibility and increase your market opportunities and sales – introducing by the same time the transformational growth
  • Following a merger or acquisition, allows different ambition to be aligned towards a single vision.
  • Digital transformation of your company through the brand including the growth levers of the digital economy, communication vectors and digital technologies – preserving the past while becoming part of the business models of the digital era.


How ? –  efficient and quick process including workshop with decision maker of the company and delivery of a document with your full new brand & business strategy

Transgenerationnal of the brand

Our exclusive expertise for family owned business

Return to growth path by rediscovering the founding pact of the brand

A company is a living system that must be faithful to the purpose of its founders.

The system adapts to evolve – if its balance is broken, whether the cause is differences between the heirs/associates or/and anemic growth –  we must rediscover the founding pact of the brand to unlock the situation.

We propose a transversal process encompassing a systemic analysis at the level of the «holders of the family history» followed by a repositioning of brand in the digital era.

This unique approach combining our expertise of the brand with an analysis of the dynamics at work in the company allows us to overcome deadlock situations and return to growth.

This process is led by Asma Hovagemyan, a specialist in cross-generational and business systems analysis (lawyer and mediator) and Chantal Baer, expert in digital brand and business.

The full Brand Suite

We provide fully integrated  capabilities  for the success of your brand and business

Creating  impactful brands involves deploying numerous expertise based on a business strategy.

This upstream step shared within the team allows brand coherence  throughout the full brand suite for short and long term.


A brand name for my business

National & international development of a brand name including legal process, linguistic & semantic checks

Brand architecture- brand structure

visual identity

Designer mon entreprise / ma marque

Logo, typography, brand guidelines, signage

Iconography, story picturing  →your brand translated into pictures

Packaging, display cases, banners, vehicle cladding, etc.

Advertising campaingns (print & digital)

Photo, video, illustration, etc.


My business / brand digital identity

Ergonomic & user experience 

Webdesign & Production (code)


Technical environnement management (domain names, hosting,…)

Security management (hacking)

Applications management & realisation

Chatbots & Web Chats

SEO – Search Engines Optimization, Natural & paid

Gaming – construction of quizzes, games and fun tools to animate a site or create a teaser

DIGITAL – technologies

Digital Technologies

Interactive tools

User Experience

Artificial Intelligence (see our partner Global Data excellence)

stratégies de communication

Creation and implementation of global strategies

Community management

Planning & Management

Press Relations

the financial brand

How much is my business worth? Beyond the standard criteria, (book value, financial value) your brand has a value which has to be part of the overall valuation whatever size of your company.

We fully integrate this value into our assessment, which is more in line with today’s reality – one in which a brand that does not make any turnover has sold for millions (Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.).

financial brand assessment

Inspired by the mining valuation system, the new brand evaluation process gives 3 values, integrating obviously the classical book value and the financial value, but still other criteria such as the cognitive brand, the degree of awareness, the evaluation of the Data and potential market.

The justified value – The rational value – The potential value

company staging

How to enhance the value of your business into relooking your brand (IP, marketing ,communication) – it can make the difference on your wallet by 30% ( Middle sized companies)

integral annual report

Is not just a digitalized version of the latter but a real strategic tool – interactive pillar of your global and sustainable communication (exit the yearly tons of paper – welcome to an online interesting annual report)


Going global with a Swiss brand

Going global with your brand means putting into place a strategy of international brand management. Building your brand & business glocalization ( defining local and global elements).

It is also the strategic choice of different business models such as for the most agile, franchising and brand licensing.


One stop shop  – a unique focal point to incorporate your busines in Switzerland and promote your brand internationnally 

By integrating all the expertise necessary for the success of your business

  • A single point of contact for the overall deployment of your business – saving time and keeping the choice with different partners
  • Building the international awareness of your brand & business
  • Business development ( brand franchising, licensing, etc.)
  • Access to our national & international network
  • Law firm covering all necessary legal expertise
  • Corporate Governance and Taxation Specialist
  • Business ambassador for contacts with state and political institutions
  • Setting up local logistics, finding an office, setting up a Board of Directors, etc


Set up a company in Switzerland

European /international headquarters

Holding, Holdco, etc



International deployment plan

Creation of a swiss brand

Global marketing & communication deployment



Operate your company

Offices, financing strategies, HR.




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