Brand & business strategy

For companies that want results, digitalisation optimisation can only emerge from strategic thinking upstream, as all sectors of the company are impacted.

Like the most successful companies, we use the brand as a focal point for change to align mission, market and real time through digital transformation. We support our clients at strategic and operational levels for a global performance

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Model and Plan2Win
  • Brand positioning / repositioning
  • Creating a brand from scratch - concept and business plan
  • Internationalization of your brand
  • Franchising and brand licensing
  • Co-branding strategy
  • Personal branding
  • Financial valuation of the brand

Business strategy

  • Growth strategy, the new growth levers of the dematerialized economy

  • Opening a business in Switzerland - one-stop shopping for everything

  • Financial valuation of the brand

  • Data strategy

  • Business plan (content and presentation)

  • Brand consulting

  • SEO strategy

Corporate strategy

  • Marketing strategy - 360

  • Building the sustainability elements of your brand

  • Organic referencing and key message

  • Brand audit

  • Innovation process - Hackathon

  • Editorial marketing, technical and scientific popularization

  • Marketing outsourcing


    • Development of a national or international brand name

    • Slogan, Tagline, brand speech, story telling

    • Linguistic and semantic control

    • Nomenclature - nominal structure

    • Naming architecture

    • Brand name development after merger or acquisition

    • Trademark Registration, Legal Process, Intellectual Property


      • Brand identity
      • Storytelling
      • Visualtelling
      • Packaging & merchandising
      • Communication materials

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